Where spirit meets truth.

"You shall have no other gods before me" -Exodus 20:3

Welcome dear friend!

Ignyte global body movement is a Christ-based fitness philosophy rooted in the "Hey" (creation) breath of GOD, the surrender of "self" as Jesus modeled, and the promises of THE word! Ignyte provides a way out of compromise for those that like to connect on a deeper level in spirit and worship but, like many mature Christians, feel uncomfortable or burdened by attending classes where ritualistic new age philosophies manifest through the practice of sound vibrations, mindsets, and ideologies contrary to Biblical beliefs and worship.

One day while engaged in conversation with The Lord, He lovingly leaned forward and with a gentle heart said, "I don't mind that my children want to stretch, they can stretch, but please tell them that I just want them to worship me."

Perhaps, as you journey in search of truth you will find and encounter the supernatural power and love of God through an Ignyte class and lay all other things aside. He is real. His love is real. He is waiting for you...come and encounter His love.

Vanessa Beltran