Ignyte Coaches

Peggy Durante is Ignyte's longest standing student. Her Ignyte journey began in a master bedroom sitting area of a Breezewood home in Spotsylvania, VA. Yes, that's where Ignyte was birthed.

Accompanied by a bathtub, closet, and fireplace, Peggy worked hard alongside 4 other women and Vanessa, where she trained and eventually heard the call to become part of Ignyte. After two years doing Ignyte alongside the direction of Vanessa, Peggy was launched as Ignyte's first Master Coach. 

She currently leads a small group at Lifepoint church where she teaches and trains other women to encounter Jesus and dive deeper into a relationship with Him. Peggy also works as a full time Mammographer.

Peggy D., Ignyte Master Coach Spotsylvania, VA

Emily R., Ignyte Coach Fredericksburg, VA

About a year after Emily and her family moved to Virginia from California, they began searching for a church. Within 3 months of finding their home church, they were introduced to Vanessa by their Campus Director. Vanessa and Emily hit it off. The circumstances by which they met are private, never the less, incredible and unique. As a result of their friendship Emily got to know Vanessa and learned about Ignyte. Having a yoga background and having recently been set free from it, Emily pursued the call to become an Ignyte Coach along with her sister, Katelyn. Emily went through intensive training with Vanessa for 9 months and is now a certified Ignyte Coach and ICIT (Ignyte Coach in Training) Teacher. Emily is married and has 2 children. She is also a hairstylist. For more questions about her class find Emily on Instagram @Ignyte_va