Ignyte Global Body Movement Episode 1

It's more like a Biography

As we initiate the official launch of Ignyte Global Body Movement, excitement and anticipation of "what's next" fill my heart. Since 2009, I have been on a journey of self-discovery and development and now, at the age of 41, I can confidently say that I am walking in my Divine calling and purpose.

What led me here, to this place of discovery? A yes, a simple yes to what I always ran from; being in the fitness industry and teaching fitness classes. Yup. That's right...love working out...but not enough to actually want to be a part of the industry. And so, wouldn't it be just like God, to plop me into the very thing that I never, like EVER, wanted to do and all the while have me create (for Him) a program and raise up leaders all across the country to teach a fitness bible study class that resembled and could easily be mistaken for a legit yoga class. Shhh! I really don't like anything new age at all. Honestly. 

At age 21, I accepted Jesus and was born again. Yeah, I had a falling away for seven years but after that, I quickly ran back to the only One that I knew would never reject me and accept me despite the mess I had made with my life- Jesus!

Fast forward to now, two wilderness seasons and 20 years later...a wife, a mom of two boys, a prophetic fitness ministry in its pioneering stages and a bible study guide. It's been a long, scary, faith-filled, sacrificial, beautifully intimate, and obedient journey with Jesus but I am so glad I said, "yes!"

Below is the link to our first campaign episode. We talk about the study guide, the people God used to birth this ministry and a few other interesting things you may want to give a listen to.

IGBM is a move of God! Come join us. Listen in, get excited and get involved!