Reclaim. Redeem. Restore.

Vanessa Beltran Ignyte Global Body Movement, Founder

In a time where fitness is a trending topic, one woman's mission is to ensure that individuals aren’t neglecting their spiritual health. 

Meet Vanessa Beltran, founder of Ignyte Global Body Movement. The fitness program combines biblical principles and physical movement as a form of worship to God. Participants are able to engage in fellowship, Bible study and exercise. Online i-Live groups, Igynte Life Groups and Ignyte Studio Classes are currently available. 

Beltran wasn't always in the health industry. Thirteen successful years in fashion, led to a deep conviction within her heart. 

She realized her calling to carry out the plans and purposes of Christ. Transformation began which birthed the Ignyte ministry.

We are each born with a purpose and a calling that's set and pre-ordained for us by God! Ignyte is the vision for my life; it's the reason for which I was created! I surrendered my life as a fashion designer and ‘gave up’ Vaszaro Apparel to execute the revelation that God gave me for my life.”

Ignyte's designed for those who feel convicted by practicing Yoga and are searching for an alternative. 

Rooted in spiritual and ascetic discipline, Yoga uses practices like control of breath and meditation that make up the orthodox schools of Hindu philosophical traditions. While these practices may seem harmless at first, continued application can have severe effects on your spiritual, mental and physical well-being. 

Yoga's anchored in what's considered New Age. Once practicing at a higher level, often most will be gripped to look into witchcraft and dark magic. 

I want people to understand that I didn’t just come up with Ignyte. It was more of a call to action from God. People think I’m trying to rip off yoga or create some Christian Yoga, and I’m not.”

Ignyte leads to a renewed state of mind and understanding of their purpose in Christ. Attendees come into alignment with scripture and submit to God through the stretches and movements rooted in praise.

Our Life Groups are just like every other home group. Upon arrival we organically connect and fellowship for about 15-20 minutes. [The] hostess may serve healthy refreshments or snacks, [and after that] we sit down together, pray and discuss our Ignyte homework. We get into discussion regarding the Movement of the week and examine scripture that each alignment originates from. A new lesson is provided every week. Every class has its own pace.”

Where Spirit Meets Truth. 
Ignyte carries a deliverance and inner healing mantle. We’re not just fitness,” Beltran states, we’re mind, body, soul and spirit."

They’re on a mission to reclaim, redeem and restore.

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