A little history!

Vanessa Beltran, Founder Ignyte Global Body Movement

In 2007, after being in fashion for thirteen years, Vanessa chose to rededicate her life back to Christ. This decision initiated an inward conviction in her heart and she realized that her life was not her own. This transformation surfaced the end product and true vision for her life; Ignyte. "We are each born with a purpose and a calling that is set and pre-ordained for us by God! Ignyte is the vision for my life; it's the reason for which I was created! I surrendered my life as a fashion designer and "gave up" Vaszaro Apparel to execute the revelation that God gave me for my life. Now more than ever, at 39 years old and a mother of two boys, I feel that I have met the truth of who I was created to be!" (more to come on this, stay tuned)....

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